How to add family members and contacts to patient devices

How to add family members and contacts to patient devices

With the goal of alleviating loneliness amongst seniors residing away from family, integrating a robust and senior oriented video call and messaging solution into our services was a no-brainer.

In this short tutorial you will learn how to invite a family member to join a resident’s contact list thereby allowing them to call and message the resident.

 The resident can only be contact by via the family app available on android and iOS, and only by contacts invited via the admin portal. Contacts can be revoked by the facility at any time.

 // Admin Login:

Login into your admin portal by visiting and inputting your credentials.

If you don’t remember your login info, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Please note: We recommend accessing the portal using Chrome or Edge browsers on a desktop PC. Incognito tabs and mobile browsers may not function as expected.

 // Locate Account:

  From the left-hand panel, click on the accounts tab to pull up a list of all resident accounts in your facility. Search for the name of the resident you wish to invite a family member to. Click on the resident’s name to open the menu.

 // Send Invite: 

Withing the resident’s menu, click on the friends tab from the left hand menu.

    (Once the resident has contacts associated with their account, you will find them listed here. You can add/remove them from the resident’s tablet favorite bar, or revoke their access entirely by selecting the star and trash icons)

Click on the create family account  and enter the requested information to invite a new family member as an approved contact and click create.

Please note: the email address used to invite the contact will be their username when logging in to the family app.

// Family Email:

Once you click on the create button, the family member will receive an email branded with your facility logo with instructions on how to download the app, create a password, and login into their family account.

Please note: If the family member doesn’t see the invite email, please instruct them to check their spam and promotions email tabs.

Once they logged in, they can video call, message, and upload photos to the resident’s tablet!


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