What is KTab and how do I apply?

What is KTab and how do I apply?

Here is comprehensive information regarding the KTab tablet program, which offers a tablet for free to eligible users.

What apps to i get?  List of Apps:
  1. 24Six
  2. Jewish Kids Videos
  3. Kol Halashon
  4. My Torah Kids
  5. Torah Anytime
  6. Zing – Jewish Music
  7. Zoom
  8. JEM Content Hub
  9. Kosher.com
  10. Yeshiva World News
  11. TheYeshiva.net
  12. Sefaria

How much does it cost?
- Eligible users can get the device for a one-time co-pay of $11.
- The service is completely free for eligible users under the Affordable Connectivity Program.

How do i determine if i'm eligible? 
- Eligible if you have Medicaid or food stamps.
- You may also qualify if your income is within 200% of the US poverty level.
- For a complete list of programs that determine eligibility, visit https://www.fcc.gov/acp

How do i apply?
1. Applying is easy. Visit thektab.com/apply
2. Follow the easy steps to apply (If you're not eligible, you can email info@thektab.com for pricing information.)